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Five years ago I completed a cross-country bicycle trip. Read about my journey here.

Here is where I got my wanderlust.


On The Web

Do a search for your name on Google and see what you find.

Here's are some links that go to pages that mention me.

Baby & Mom Yoga video
More Yoga

A Russian Deep Purple Site

Somewhere on this page a Kool and the Gang video is listed

Somewhere on this page a KISS video is listed.
Here's another KISS Video

Friends, Family,
Acquaintances & History

My sister-in-law Henrietta Andersen is an artist and a poet.

Kathy Weimar is a great copywriter. See her work here.

I worked with Brendan at my first dotcom, now a dotbomb.

I worked with Ze Frank at a previous job. He's become a web cult hero.

When I worked at PolyGram Records, my favorite PolyGram band was The Rainmakers. Here is drummer Pat Tomek's site.

I was once a regular at The Dirt Club.

While in college, I worked occasionally at Vintage Vinyl before it moved to it's present location in Fords, NJ.

Also while in college I worked at Ethylene Corporation as a draftsman and maintenance man. I would draw plans for something and then build it and paint it.

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