Coast to Coast 1999 by Eric K. Andersen - Prologue
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In the Spring of 1999 I was working at an Internet start-up company that was not living up to my expectations. I had to decide whether to look for another job or take some time off to fulfill a long time dream. I had a job interview in New York City that went well.  Decision time: Take the job or take the trip. 

After the interview, I left their office on 41st street and started walking south into a crisp March night. By the time I got to 23rd St. I knew that I could not take the job. I would only later regret not going for it while I had the chance. I continued walking and when I got to 14th St., I noticed stars in the sky. Everybody says you can't see stars in the city, but there they were. I pictured myself seeing those stars every night during my journey and remembering seeing them tonight. I also pictured myself seeing the the Rocky Mountains slowly appear on the horizon as I approached them from the Great Plains, looming larger with every mile I pedaled. Further downtown, the World Trade Center loomed larger on the horizon.

As I crossed Leonard St., I passed a legless man in wheelchair. He'll never experience the feeling of accomplishment I'll have when I reach the top of the first mountain pass. He'll never know the feeling of seeing the Pacific Ocean after pedaling over 4000 miles. Then again maybe he will.  People are doing amazing things these days.