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Coast to Coast 1999

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Need more inspiration and information about cycling Coast to Coast in America? Read these excellent journals:

Coast To Coast 2005

Tailwinds - Is the journal of Byron Linthicum Jr. He is going coast-to-coast to raise awareness of Cystic Fibrosis. His site is here.

Tyler Weig - Is cycling for a cure by going coast to coast to raise money for cancer research. Please support him here.

Coast To Coast 2004

Ride & Run for Rwanda - Biking and Running across the U.S.!!! with Laura and Matt.

Struggle Bus Goes Coast To Coast - very well written and entertaining at CGOAB. (This journal is no longer available. If anybody knows what happened to this rider let me know. He didn't finish the journal and possibly not his trip.

Debi Klang, Barbara Corley Phyllis and Steve pedaldanced across the country.

Coast To Coast 2003

Rick Vermunt credits my journal with inspiring him to go Coast To Coast

Matt Klainer - In memory of his father.

John Wickland is on the road.

Crazy Guy On A Bike - A Place For Bicycle Tourists And Their Journals has many journals new and old.

Coast To Coast 2002

David Moretz - Great stories from the road.

Joe's TransAm Tour - Recumbent rider

Discovery Ride - Larry Flint - another recumbent rider

Habitat Bicycle Challenge - raising money for the Habitat for Humanity of Greater New Haven.

Coast To Coast 2001

Travis Yoes Pedaling West

Mike and Marilyn's 2001 bike trip

The Goehring Family pedal2paradise

Sara Bikes the USA

Jim Damico is Wandering the World

2000 and before

Gary and Neil's Bike Trek

Hazelriggs Across America

Ocean To Ocean On Two Wheels

TBEx Fall Feature Cross Country Tandem Ride

Jim's 1996 Cross Country Bike Trip

Travel to the Horizon

John Dorsey's Bike Trip Page

Ben and Tricia's Online Bike Trips

If you have a Coast to Coast Journal online, please let me know and I'll add it here. Just email me

Other Links

Adventure Cycling Association - they have an excellent secion of bike journals.

Impressions From Bicycle Travels Visual stories from America and Asia

Bicycle touring: Is it for you? by Fred Meredith | Coast To Coast 1999