Postcards from the Road Coast to Coast 1999

Day 1 - 8
Day 9 -17
Day 18 -26
Day 27 - 33
Day 34 - 40
Day 41 - 48
Day 49 - 56
Day 57 - 64
Day 65 - 72
Day 74 - 78

I kept in touch with family and friends during the trip via e-mail.  I would go to the local library or to coffee shops that had Internet access. Most libraries are now connected.  Some offer free access and some charge a small fee.   At some libraries you must sign up in advance to reserve a station. Ironically I found some librarians to be unfriendly and rigid with rules that they feel must be strictly adhered to.  On the other hand most were very friendly and when I told them where I was from and where I was going would be most helpful.

Before I left for the trip I created an html template and some digital postcards that I would insert into the e-mail.  I uploaded the pictures to a web server and used a free e-mail site to access the template and send my messages as html files. The postcards are below. Click on the thumbnails for larger pictures. I inserted my face into some of them.

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