The Trans-Am Trail


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Every year a few hundred people ride the same roads and experience the same unique things:

We pedal over the same mountains and prairies.

We endure the same winds, the heat and cold and rain.

We ache after a long day. We celebrate a beautiful day.

We sleep in the same city parks, campgrounds, motels and hostels.

We meet or hear about the same people like the Cookie Lady, Dragon Lady, Yodeling Katy, or Steve Cookingham in Dayville.

We eat in the same places like Cooky's in Golden City or the Cassoday cafe.

We take the same pictures in front of state welcome signs and landmarks.

We surprised by rude people. We're welcomed into the homes of strangers.

We overcome breakdowns.

We're waved at in Kansas. We can't wait to get out of Pueblo.

We're attacked by mosquitos. We help turtles cross the road. We're chased by dogs.

We meet other bikers and exchange information and bond for a brief moment or share a meal or a campground.

We listen to locals who don't have a clue about were they live.

We're called crazy. We're admired.

Most importantly the route makes it possible for all Coast-to-coast riders to face the same challenge.

Yet that challenge is different for each of us.

What other trip allows for such a unique combination? | Coast To Coast 1999